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Our large network of skilled legal professionals is available on a project basis to help you reach deadlines and maximize return 

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Temporary Placement

TR Grace has a large and impressive database of talented and energetic legal professionals who are willing to provide temporary legal services. These attorneys and paralegals provide our clients with quality, cost-efficient work in all areas of law. For example, our clients have used our temporary professionals in all aspects of litigation, serial litigation, on transactional matters such as mergers and acquisitions or real estate transactions and insurance/regulatory matters.  Across the board, our clients report that using TR Grace professionals is a smart and cost effective way to continue to provide exceptional, results driven solutions to their clients.

In addition, TR Grace offers its clients temporary help through our team of document reviewers.  This solution works well particularly in either large document intensive matters or simply where a matter suddenly becomes understaffed.  Click on Doc Reviewers to learn more about this smart solution.

Including temps in a staffing plan provides a hedge against a declining workload and provides permanent staff with a higher degree of job security. Keep your overhead costs in check: rely on TR Grace's experienced attorneys and paralegals to complete your work overflow on time and on budget.

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